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  • LMZ-ⅡPlum-shaped elastic coupling with brake wheelLMZ-ⅡPlum-shaped elastic coupling with brake wheelLMZ-Ⅱ (formerly MLL-Ⅱ) type with brake wheel plum...
  • JXLD frame (74 standard)JXLD frame (74 standard)The JXLD type of this rack series is suitable for...
  • HLL type brake wheel elastic pin couplingHLL type brake wheel elastic pin couplingHLL type brake wheel elastic pin coupling has...
  • Elastic sleeveElastic sleeveThe elastic sleeve uses a number of non-metal elastic...
  • SWP-B type has telescopic short universal couplingSWP-B type has telescopic short universal couplingDue to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and...
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  • The damage of drum gear coupling and the requirement of drum curveRelease Date: 2021-07-03

    The main reason is that the vibration damper of the main engine has sunk, which makes the shafting of the coupling appear asymmetry, thereby increasing the additional torque, which causes the coupling to heat up and break during use. accident.

  • The working principle and production requirements of plum couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-28

    The plum blossom coupling has many structural forms, a wide range of applications, and a variety of material choices.It is one of the most frequently selected models in the elastic coupling.

  • Causes of fatigue failure of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-24

    ​For the specific conditions of failure, damage and deformation of the diaphragm coupling of the front pump, the main reasons that may cause the fatigue failure of the diaphragm coupling are summarized by analyzing the cold alignment data during the infrastructure period and the vibration data of the pump operation.

  • The use of diaphragm coupling and screw installation methodRelease Date: 2021-06-20

    During the service life of the diaphragm coupling, it is necessary to maintain the wedge-shaped clearance surfaces that are inclined to each other, add lubricating oil, and enter the small opening from the large port.The two surfaces have sufficient relative movement speed, the fluid has sufficient viscosity, and sufficient oil is required.

  • Coupling method and alignmentRelease Date: 2021-05-23

    Fix the magnetic fixing seat, the measuring rod and the dial indicator on the couplings of the fixed end and the movable end respectively;

  • Compensation type and alignment method of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-19

    ​The type of misalignment that the diaphragm coupling can compensate includes the following three basic types: angular (the center lines of the two shafts intersect at the midpoint between the ends of the two shafts at an angle), and transverse (the center lines of the two shafts are offset in parallel) And the axial direction (the axial gap between the two shafts is too large).

  • What you need to know when disassembling the plum blossom couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-15

    ​Before disassembling the plum blossom coupling, it is necessary to make some marks on the coordinated positions of the various parts of the coupling for reference when reassembling.

  • Structural characteristics and heating precautions of elastic pin gear couplingRelease Date: 2021-04-17

    The shaft hole and keyway type and size of the coupling, and the marking method meets the requirements of GB/T385217 "Coupling shaft hole and coupling type and size".