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  • LTZ elastic sleeve pin coupling with brake wheelLTZ elastic sleeve pin coupling with brake wheelLTZ (formerly TLL type) with brake wheel elastic sleeve pin...
  • T type plum blossom hexagonal water pump counter wheel padT type plum blossom hexagonal water pump counter wheel padT-shaped plum blossom hexagonal water pump for wheel pad products...
  • JAI large flange frame <69 standard>, JAII <69 standard> frameJAI large flange frame <69 standard>, JAII <69 standard> frameThe JAI large flange frame itself has no shaft support...
  • GLF roller chain couplingGLF roller chain couplingGLF roller chain coupling is suitable for hydraulic machinery...
  • SWP-B type has telescopic short universal couplingSWP-B type has telescopic short universal couplingDue to manufacturing, installation, load deformation and...
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  • The classification of couplings and the characteristics of drum gear couplingsRelease Date: 2021-07-15

    Coupling materials are roughly divided into sections (round steel), castings (cast iron or cast steel), forgings, etc., and cast steel and forgings are most of the choices of coupling materials.

  • Operation problems of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-07-11

    Due to various reasons, the center of mass or inertial principal axis of the diaphragm coupling does not coincide with the axis of rotation, and the phenomenon of unbalanced centrifugal inertial force, centrifugal inertial couple force and dynamic deflection (vibration shape) will occur during operation, which is called the phenomenon of rotor Imbalance.

  • Installation matters and principles of use of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-07-07

    Because hot-loading is performed under high temperature and stress, it is necessary to have sufficient estimates of possible problems and try to avoid them in advance. If it happens, you should also panic on the spot and take timely measures to deal with it.

  • The damage of drum gear coupling and the requirement of drum curveRelease Date: 2021-07-03

    The main reason is that the vibration damper of the main engine has sunk, which makes the shafting of the coupling appear asymmetry, thereby increasing the additional torque, which causes the coupling to heat up and break during use. accident.

  • The working principle and production requirements of plum couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-28

    The plum blossom coupling has many structural forms, a wide range of applications, and a variety of material choices.It is one of the most frequently selected models in the elastic coupling.

  • Causes of fatigue failure of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-24

    ​For the specific conditions of failure, damage and deformation of the diaphragm coupling of the front pump, the main reasons that may cause the fatigue failure of the diaphragm coupling are summarized by analyzing the cold alignment data during the infrastructure period and the vibration data of the pump operation.

  • The use of diaphragm coupling and screw installation methodRelease Date: 2021-06-20

    During the service life of the diaphragm coupling, it is necessary to maintain the wedge-shaped clearance surfaces that are inclined to each other, add lubricating oil, and enter the small opening from the large port.The two surfaces have sufficient relative movement speed, the fluid has sufficient viscosity, and sufficient oil is required.

  • The characteristics and force calculation of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-16

    ​Diaphragm coupling has the characteristics of small size, large carrying capacity, light weight, mechanical strength, good transmission speed and transmission accuracy, convenient assembly and disassembly, no lubrication, good service life, and no noise.