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  • WGT type gear coupling with intermediate sleeveWGT type gear coupling with intermediate sleeveWGT type connecting middle sleeve gear coupling is working...
  • Expansion coupling sleeveExpansion coupling sleeveCompared with the key connection, the expansion sleeve connection has...
  • DJM type diaphragm couplingDJM type diaphragm couplingDiaphragm coupling forging materials need to be inspected...
  • YLD type flange couplingYLD type flange couplingYL type flange coupling can be made of gray cast iron or carbon...
  • NL type drum gear couplingNL type drum gear couplingThe shaft hole types are cylindrical (Y), conical...
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  • The characteristics and force calculation of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-06-16

    ​Diaphragm coupling has the characteristics of small size, large carrying capacity, light weight, mechanical strength, good transmission speed and transmission accuracy, convenient assembly and disassembly, no lubrication, good service life, and no noise.

  • Coupling connection and drum gear coupling installationRelease Date: 2021-06-12

    ​Couplings and clutches are devices used to connect two shafts so that they can rotate together and transmit torque.

  • The composition of the diaphragm coupling and the cause of damageRelease Date: 2021-06-08

    Diaphragm coupling is mainly composed of stainless steel sheet metal (steel sheet), half coupling, intermediate sleeve, compression element, bolt, lock nut, limit washer, etc.

  • The advantages of the elastic diaphragm coupling and the compensation problem of the diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-11

    The diaphragm coupling adopts austenitic stainless steel diaphragm, which can withstand large deformations while transmitting torsion, thereby compensating for the misalignment of the two shafts.

  • Compensation ability and selection steps of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-11

    The diaphragm coupling has no need for lubrication, good service life, and large compensation capabilities.Torque is transmitted through the flexible steel sheet, which has angular, axial and radial displacement compensation capabilities and shock absorption.

  • The design of the stop pin of the LX elastic pin coupling and the maintenance of the diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-07

    Process the inner side of the right half coupling into a "fancy" stop pin structure.That is, a groove is machined inside the flange.The groove is located at the circumferential diameter of the flange hole, with a width of 4 mm and a depth of 8 mm.

  • The technical development level of the couplingRelease Date: 2021-05-03

    ​The technical level of the coupling, whether it is structural type or technical parameters and performance indicators, most of them reach the level of similar products; but there is a big gap in product processing accuracy, quality and service life.

  • Installation, disassembly and fixing method of diaphragm couplingRelease Date: 2021-04-05

    ​The diaphragm coupling compensates the relative displacement of the two shafts connected by the elastic deformation of the diaphragm. It is a high-performance flexible coupling with metal elastic elements. It does not require lubrication, has a compact structure, long service life, and no rotation. The gap is not affected by temperature and oil pollution.