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    In order to improve the company's reputation and establish a corporate image, our company in line with the spirit of "customer satisfaction as its purpose", and the principle of "preferential price, considerate service, and high product quality" to you solemnly:

    XNUMX. Product quality:

    1. The manufacturing and testing of products have quality records and testing data.

    2. For product performance testing, we sincerely invite users to personally inspect the whole process and performance of the product. After the product is confirmed to be qualified, it will be packed and shipped.

    XNUMX. Product price: Under the same competitive conditions, our company will sincerely provide you with a favorable price on the basis of not reducing product technical performance and product components.

    Third, delivery time: product delivery time: try to meet user requirements, if there are requirements, need to be completed in advance, our company can specially organize production and installation, and strive to meet user needs.

    XNUMX. After-sales service:

    1. Service tenet: decisive, accurate and thoughtful

    2. Service goal: service quality wins customer satisfaction

    3. Service efficiency: If the equipment fails during the warranty period or outside the warranty period, after the supplier receives the notice, the maintenance personnel can reach the site and start the repair within 24 hours.