YOX Professional hydraulic fluid coupling manufacturer hydraulic pump motor couplings

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Shandong, China
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Stainless Steel
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hydraulic pump motor couplings

YOX Professional hydraulic fluid coupling manufacturer hydraulic pump motor couplings



2013 The Best YOX Fluid Couplings

1. features:

1).The effective start of the decrease in the impact, vibration, thereby protecting motor.2).Effective overload protection, to protect the motor and machine work. Reduce mechanical damage.3).In multi-drive system, effectively balance the electrical load. 4).The start-up can improve the electrical capacity to shorten the motor start-up time, reduce the impact grid.

2. use:

Conveyor: Belt conveyor.AFC conveyor.Chain conveyor.Screw conveyor.

Excavator: Bucket excavator. Bucket wheel excavators.Bucket wheel stacker reclaimer.

Crane: Tower crane.Gantry crane.Bridge crane.

Others: Various elevators.Coal plough.Ball mill.Crusher.Recreation machine.Water pump.

Fan.Blender equipment.Centrifuger.Washer.Leather-making machine.machine for

recreation park mixer wire drawing machine.Extruder,dregs crusher of boiler.

Plastic feeder.Rubber smelling machine.etc.

3.The parameter

4 Transmission form:

Note: Standard model YOX takes outer wheel,shell,delly chamber,driring connection,

dtiren connection and elaatic block as its driving parts,of which,the elastic block

is a soft part with compensated installation and decentraction,Turbion and Turbion

shaft make up slave part,normally prolong the time of working machine for 10-22


Product Features

1. Basic fluid dynamic pressure vent2. Oil as the working medium3. Input terminal connected to an elastic4. Outer drive

Introduction1. The oil (or water) as a medium-type hydraulic power transmission components, also known as hydraulic couplings2. Load smooth start, improving motor starting capability and improve start-up performance3. Reduce the frame size, energy

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