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  • GICL type-drum gear coupling

    GICL type-drum gear coupling

    description:GICL type-drum gear coupling (JB/T 8845. 3-2001) is a rigid-flexible coupling. The gear coupling is a half-connected ring gear with the same number of teeth and a flange with external teeth. It consists of parts such as shafts.
    Detailed introduction:

    GICL type-drum gear coupling (JB/T 8845. 3-2001) is a rigid-flexible coupling. The gear coupling is a semi-connected inner ring gear with the same number of teeth and a flange with outer teeth. It is composed of shafts and other parts.The external teeth are divided into straight teeth and drum teeth. The so-called drum teeth means that the external teeth are made into a spherical surface. The spherical surface is on the gear axis. The tooth side clearance is larger than that of ordinary gears. Drum gear couplings are allowed. Larger angular displacement (compared to straight tooth coupling) improves the torque transmission capacity and prolongs the service life.The contact state along the tooth width when there is angular displacement.It has the ability to compensate for axis deviation in radial, axial and angular directions, and has the advantages of compact structure, small turning radius, large carrying capacity, low transmission, low noise and long maintenance period. It is especially suitable for low-speed and heavy-duty working conditions, such as metallurgy, It is also suitable for shaft transmission of various machinery such as petroleum, chemical industry, general machinery, etc. in mining, lifting and transportation industries.

    Drum Gear Coupling Picture XNUMX

    The characteristics of drum gear couplings (compared to straight gear couplings with the following characteristics) 1. Load bearing.Under the same outer diameter of the inner gear sleeve and the large outer diameter of the coupling, the load-bearing capacity of the drum gear coupling is 15-20% higher than that of the straight gear coupling on average; 2. Large angular displacement compensation.When the radial displacement is equal to zero, the allowable angular displacement of the spur gear coupling is 1º; while the allowable angular displacement of the drum gear coupling is 1º; 30”, an increase of 50%, in the same mold Under the condition of number, number of teeth, and tooth width, the allowable angular displacement of the drum-shaped tooth is larger than that of the straight tooth; 3. The drum-shaped tooth surface makes the inner side and avoids the disadvantages of the edge of the straight tooth end being squeezed under the condition of angular displacement and stress concentration. At the same time, the friction and wear conditions of the tooth surface reduce the noise and the maintenance cycle is long; 4. The tooth end of the outer gear sleeve is in the shape of a horn, which makes the assembly and disassembly of the inner and outer teeth easy. 5. The transmission reaches 99.7%.Based on the characteristics of the warp, at present, drum-shaped teeth have generally been substituted for straight-tooth couplings. The varieties of drum-shaped gear couplings produced by UMA meet the corresponding standards.Drum-shaped gear couplings are rigid, flexible, and inelastic, so they are not suitable for machinery that requires damping, buffering, and two-shaft alignment.

    modelNominal torque
    Allowable speed [n]
    Diameter of shaft hole
    d1, d2, dz
    Length of shaft holeDD1D2BACC1C2eMoment of inertia
    GICL1630400016 18 1942-12595601157520--300.0095.9
    20 22 24523810-24
    25 2862442.5-19
    30 32 35 3882601522
    GICL21120400025 286244144120751358810.5-29300.029.7
    30 32 35 3882602.512.530
    40 42 45 481128413.528
    GICL32240400030 32 35 38826017414095155106324.525300.04717.2
    40 42 45 48 50 55 56112841728
    GICL43550360032 35 388260196165115178125143732300.09124.9
    40 42 45 48 50 55 561128431728
    60 63 65 7014210735
    GICL55000330040 42 45 48 50 55 561128422418313019814232528300.16738
    60 63 65 70 71 751421072035
    GICL67100300048 50 55 561128424120014521816063535300.26748.2
    60 63 65 70 71 7514210742035
    80 85 901721322243
    GICL710000268060 63 65 70 71 7514210726023016024418043535300.45368.9
    80 85 90 951721322243
    GICL814000250065 70 71 7514210728224517526419353535300.64683.3
    80 85 90 951721322243
    100 11021216748
    GICL918000235070 71 75142107314270200284208104545301.036110
    80 85 90 951721322243
    100 110 120 125212167549
    GICL1031500215080 85 90 9517213234630022033024954343301.88157
    100 110 120 1252121672249
    130 1402522022954
    GICL11400001880100 110 120 1252121673803302603604062949403.28217
    130 140 15025220254
    GICL12560001680120 12521216744238029041631365757405.08305
    130 140 1502522022955
    160 170 18020324268
    GICL13800001530140 150252202482420320476364754574010.06419
    160 170 1803022423270
    190 20035228280
    GICL141120001300160 170 180302242520465360532415842704016.774594
    190 200 2203522823280
    GICL151600001180190 200 2203522825805104005564291034804026.55783
    140 25038-
    GICL162500001000200 2203522826805954656405011058805052.221131
    240 250 26041033038-
    240 250 26041033039-
    280 330470380
    GICL18355000900240 250 2604103307756755207025241046-5096.191626
    280 300 32047038041
    280 300 32047038041
    GICL20500000790280 300 3204703808557555857865951344-50167.412263
    340 360550450
    GICL21630000750300 3204703809157956208086111359-50215.72593

    江苏GICL type-drum gear coupling Guangdong GICL type-drum gear coupling 
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